WCHS Video Production Studio is Operational Again

Thanks to the maintenance department at Warren County Schools, all three studio sets in the production studio is up and running. All three sets can operate at the same time. Students will be producing marketing videos and other class assignments during the next few weeks.

Former WCHS Graduate Discusses Partnership with WCHS

Former WCHS graduate, Jeff Thatcher, CEI Manager at RK and K met with Stacy Woodhouse, Warren County Economic Development Director, Ernie Conner, Director of Technology/CTE, Derrick Fogg, CTE Coordinator and Odessa Perry, Career Development Coordinator to discuss ways to get students in the Engineering and Construction Technology Academy on the job training while still in high school. Mr. Thatcher is interested in students that can do inspections for the North Carolina Department of Transportation for highway and bridge construction. 

Mr. Thatcher has an opportunity to try the heavy equipment operation simulator during his visit. 

 The group discussed the huge need to skilled workers in this field. Hopefully we will be able to partner with his firm to provide hands on experience for our students. 

Carolina Sunrock Partners with Warren County Schools

Carolina Sunrock is working with Warren County High School to train potential employees for careers in heavy equipment operation.. Warren County High School has a CAT front wheel loader simulator that provides training for the students. Sunrock assisted WCHS in setting up the machine to evaluate the students based on their professional standards. Students that pass the training modules will be well prepared to work in the industry as an entry level operator.

Marketing Students Attend Black Panther Movie

Career and Technical Education  students took a field trip to IMAX Theater in Raleigh on February 22 to see Black Panther. Marketing students completed a pre-assignment tying the movie to business concepts learned in class.

Food Lab at Warren County High School

Ms. Warthen, Family and Consumer Science Teacher at WCHS brought in Lee Roy Cooper a local chief to demonstrate how to properly cut vegetables during the food preparation process.

Medical Science Academy Partners with Wake AHEC

Wake AHEC provides opportunities for our Health Science students to learn important skills needed in the field. Becky Brady from Wake AHEC worked with the students on a disection unit recently. This unit helps the students understand the anatomy portion of the curriculum.

AMSTA Meeting with SREB

The Advanced Manufacturing Skills Training Alliance is made up of four local school districts, Franklin, Granville, Warren, and Vance County's This group has worked the past three years to make students aware of advanced manufacturing careers. They have worked with the Southern Regional Education Board to implement project based learning for students to prepare for these advanced careers. CTE Directors and staff from all four districts met with the SREB this week to discuss next steps in this process.

Robotics Engineering Students Setup Track and Begin Practice

Students in the Robotics Engineering Class have been learning how to setup cars to reach the speed and handling needed to win races. The class setup the competition track  today to being practicing for competition.

National Career Readiness Certification Celebration

Ms. LaAlice Hopkins, Principal at Warren County High School and Derrick Fogg, CTE Coordinator for the school district hosted a pizza party celebration for the students that earned a silver rating or better on the ACT Work Keys Assessment. The school had record breaking success this year. Two students earned a platinum rating, the highest awarded, this year. These are the first students from Warren County to earn this level on the test. Seven students received a gold rating compared to only one last year. Great job!

Warren Record Reporter Experiences the Heavy Equipment Simulator

Luci Weldon from the Warren Record visited with Derrick Fogg, CTE Coordinator and Odessa Perry, Career Development Coordinator to discuss Career and Technical Education programs at the school. During the visit, she had a chance to try out the Heavy Equipment Simulator.

WCHS CTE Teachers Receive Bonus Pay

Jonte Hawkins, Construction Teacher at Warren County High School and Maggie King-Harris, Nurse Aid instructor at WCHS were recognized at the School Board Meeting in February. These teachers received a bonus check from the state based on the number of students in their classes that earned a industry certification or credential. Congratulations to these two outstanding teachers.

Jonte Hawkins is pictured here with School Board Chair, Barbara Brayboy. Ms. King- Harris was not able to attend the school board meeting. 

Advanced Manufacturing Skills Training Alliance Meeting

The AMSTA team met this week to start planning the summer professional development schedule for teachers. The group focus is on advanced manufacturing careers and educating teachers about these careers and how they can help students prepare for their future.

Partnership with the North Carolina Department of Transportation

Members of the North Carolina Department of Transportation met with Ernie Conner, Director of Technology and CTE, Dr. Linda Mason, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, and Odessa Perry, Career Development Coordinator this week to discuss programs and activities that would be done to promote careers in the NCDOT. The group is focusing on heavy equipment operation and highway construction. The group is working on a curriculum that would prepare students for careers in these areas. 

Warren County High School Academy Meetings

Odessa Perry, Career Development Coordinator, School Counselors, The Gear -up Coordinator and School Administrators presented individual academy planning and course guides to each student. They talked about the high school registration process and presented information on courses and enrollment.