WCMS 8th Grade Business Class Project

Elvelon Mason, Middle Grades Career Development Coordinator is working with Ms. Ayers and her  8th grade business classes at Warren County Middle to create and operate a hydroponics vegetable production business. The students will learn how to produce the vegetables using equipment at Warren County High School. They will also learn to write a business plan and market their project. A meeting was held this week at WCMS with Ms. Neal, WCMS Principal and the district CTE leadership team to work out the details.

Warren County Schools Explores Work Based Learning Opportunities for Students

The Warren County CTE Leadership Team met with Stacy Woodhouse, Warren County Economic Development Director and was introduced to Helen Bradby, with EDSI. The group talked about possible work based learning opportunities for students and career awareness programs.

Community Group Offers Support to Warren County Schools

Stacy Woodhouse, Economic Development Director for Warren County has organized a group of citizens in the community that wants to support the school district. They met at the Armory this week and then took a tour of Warren County High School. They looked at the different programs and resources that the students have access to and talked about the various programs. 

The SEEMA and Stem lab was discussed

Hydroponics and Aquaculture Lab

Video Production Studio

Heavy Equipment Operation Lab

Robotics Center

Wake AHEC Partners With Warren County Schools Again in 2018-19

Heather Shaffer from Wake AHEC met with Maggie King Harris and Brenda Hutcheson, Health Science Teachers at Warren County High School to plan this years activities and programs. Wake AHEC will provide instructors and allow the WCHS students to attend the Wake Medical Center Simulator lab. This partnership provides the students with outstanding hands on experiences.

Warren County CTE Visits Kitrell Job Corps

The Warren County Schools CTE Leadership Team along with Warren County School Board Chair, Ebony Talley Brame met with officials from Kitrell Job Corps to discuss a possible partnership to provide career pathways for students at Warren County High School. The group discussed the Career Academies at Warren County High School and looked at Job Corp programs that were matched. The group then took a tour of the facilities.

Job Corps offers programs in several programs including Medical and Business options

They also offer an excellent Security Career Pathway

Woodhouse Promotes Warren County CTE programs

Stacy Woodhouse, Economic Director for Warren County brought several visitors to Warren County this month to see the many different programs that the school district offers.

Odessa Perry Presents to School Board

Odessa Perry, Career Development Coordinator for Warren County Schools shared with the Warren County Board of Education a camp that she led in conjunction withe Vance Granville Community College and the North Carolina Department of Transportation. Twenty students from Warren County High School participated in the event that included training in a variety of careers offered in the transportation industry.

View Sonic Provides Training to Staff Members

Ben Pearson from View Sonic provided training to staff members on the 70 inch interactive panels thjat are used in the classrooms. Encore Technologies sponsored the training and  brought Ben to Warren County. He provided instruction and allowed us to video his presentations to add to our digital training library.

Nureva Span Training

Warren County Schools is using new technology to promote collaboration and student engagement in class room instruction. The Nureva system promotes project based learning to a new level and allows teachers to empower students to create and share their ideas from their own personal device and then share with their classmates. Kimberleigh Doyle, with Nureva provided a full day of training for the staff members that will be using the system. Check out pictures from the training.

Warren County Schoos Partnership with Turning Point CDC

Ernie Conner, Director of Technology/CTE, Derrick Fogg, CTE Coordinator and Odessa Perry, Career Development Coordinator met with Chalis Henderson, Executive Director of Turning Point CD to discuss working together to provide Coding and and Computer Programming lessons and programs for students in grades 4-12. Turning Point and South Warren Elementary worked together last year with a group of 4th grade students. Ms. Henderson worked with Athletes for Computer Science and Ellis Wyms, former NFL Star during this project. Warren County Schools is expanding this project to the other Elementary Schools and is expanding their current coding courses in Warren County Middle and Warren County High School.

Ms Henderson had an opportunity to look at some of the CTE programs at Warren County High during her visit including the Heavy Equipment Operators program.

Advanced Manufacturing Skills Training Alliance Summer Cruising Program

The school districts of Franklin, Granville, Warren and Vance County formed a consortium four years ago to apply for grant funding to promote Advanced Manufacturing in their schools. Vance Granville Community College partnered with these school districts and received a four year grant to provide professional development for teachers and work based learning experiences for students. This year's teacher training included a one day event held at Warren County High School. Teachers were exposed to new technology and programs designed to prepare students for advanced manufacturing careers. Over 70 teachers and administrators were present from the five partners.

Check out the pictures below.

A light breakfast was  served along with time for networking between the teachers and staff members.

Dr. Ray Spain, Superintendent from Warren County Schools provided a welcome message to the group.

Jonte Hawkins, Carpentry Instructor for Warren County Schools demonstrated the Heavy Equipment Simulator at Warren County High School. He talked about the partnership with Carolina Sunrock to provide students with careers with their company.

Teachers were given the opportunity to try out the simulator.

Odessa Perry, Career Development Coordinator for Warren County Schools demonstrated how different CTE programs used the video production studio to promote and market their programs.

Students on the high school and middle school have an opportunity to use the studio. 

 Ernie Conner, CTE Director for Warren County Schools demonstrated the Nureva Span system to the group. this 20 foot interactive board allows groups of students to create, design and problem solve. Teachers can use the system to plan interactive lessons and create more interaction and student engagement.

Teachers were given the opportunity to practice using the system.

Wesley Williams, from Vance Granville Community College presented information on the Mechatronics program offered by the college.