Nuerva System Installed at Warren County Middle School

James Brown, CTE Teacher at Warren County Middle School received training this week on how to use the Nureva system in his classroom. He plans to utilize this tool to promote collaboration skills among his students.

Webinar on New Video Conferencing System

Ernie Conner, Director of Technology/ CTE is looking for a video conferencing system that could possibly be used to teach multiple classes from one location. He participated in a webinar that showcased a very inexpensive system that is easy to use. More details on this possible initiative in the coming weeks.

Mock Interviews at Warren County High School

Odessa Perry, Career Development Coordinator, Viola Gilbert, Assistant Principal at Warren County High School and the WCHS Counselors and Community Schools Director coordinated a mock interview program for the junior class at WCHS. Business and Industry partners, and several government agency leaders participated in the event. It was well received  by the students and by the interviewers. Check out pictures from the event.

Principal Hopkins provides a quick overview of the program and thanks the volunteers for their help. 

Odessa Perry explains how the interviews will be conducted.

Lyndon Hall, Dean the Warren Campus of VGCC 

Crystal Smith, Director of the Warren County Cooperative Extension Service.

Stacy Woodhouse, Warren County Economic Development Director

Terrell Alston, Band Director of WCHS

Nureva Systems Installation at WCMS

Smarter Systems installed the Nureva System in Mr. Brown's classroom at Warren County Middle School this week. This interactive system will be used by Mr. Brown to provide  instruction with the students that promotes collaboration and critical thinking skills.

NCCER Proctor Training

Five Warren County Schools staff members were trained to serve as proctors for the NCCER assessments taken by the Carpentry and Masonry students at WCHS. The NCCER certifications are nationally recognized and provide our students with the credentials needed for a career in the construction industry. The training was conducted by Craig Pendergraft from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.

Meeting with Summit Engineering

The Warren County Schools CTE Leadership Team and Stacy Woodhouse, Warren County Director of Economic Development met with Summit Engineering and Design representatives to discuss a partnership opportunity. The partnership would include Summit providing an instructor to come on site at Warren County High School and preparing students to take the Engineering Trainee I program sponsored by the North Carolina Department of Transportation. The trainee program is required by the NCDOT for companies completing inspections. This program would expose our students to the program and to Summit's work.

Perry Earns MSSC Certification

Odessa Perry, Career Development Coordinator for Warren County Schools recently earned the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council Certified Logistics Associate and the Mid Level Certified Logistics Technician Certification. This will allow her to provide instruction to students. Warren County Schools is partnering with the Walmart Distribution Center to provide training and testing opportunities for students. Ms. Perry will begin working with students in January 2019.

VGCC Advisory Committee Meeting

Ernie Conner, Director of Technology/ Career and Technical Education and Shena Royster, Principal at Warren Early College are members of the VGCC Warren Campus Advisory Council. They met with Lyndon Hall, Dean of the Warren Campus to discuss programs and receive updates from the college.

Turning Point Non Profit Partners with WCHS Computer Science Class

Chalis Henderson, from Turning Point met with Misty Buchanan, Computer Science Teacher at Warren County High School to discuss ways her organization could support the students in the Computer Science class.

Ms. Buchanan shares the curriculum with Ms. Henderson.

WCHS Partners With Kittrell Job Corps

Warren County High School and Kitrell Job Corps are working on a partnership that will allow students to participate in their Security and Protective Services Career Pathway Program. The CTE Leadership Team from Warren County Schools met with Lorraine Lane and her staff from Kitrell to discuss the details.

Odessa Perry, Career Development Coordinator for Warren County Schools talks about how the students would benefit from the partnership.

Warren County CTE Director and Coordinator Attend Perkins Grant Training

Ernie Conner and Derrick Fogg attended a all day session sponsored by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction that outlined the new Federal Carl D. Perkins Act and how it would impact Career and Technical Education programs. The state will be working with local school districts for the next year to transition its plan from the old law to the new one.

State Director, Trey Michaels address the group before the session

Assistant State CTE Director, John Kirkman talks about how North Carolina will transition to the new law. 

The workshop provided a lot of information concerning the changes in then law and how states would be required to move forward to be compliant.

Glen Raven Discusses Apprenticeship and Career Programs with CTE Leadership Team

The Warren County Schools CTE Leadership Team met with officials from Glen Raven this week to discuss how students could become more exposed to job opportunities and careers with Glen Raven. The team discussed Apprenticeship programs and opportunities. The group is planning activities that for the students to promote these careers.

CTE Vocabulary and English Standards Training

Angela Dills from Jackson County Schools presented a program to Career and Technical Education Staff from several school districts in the area. She showed how Core Teachers and CTE teachers could work together to enhance the students performance. She focused on how important it was to teach vocabulary in a way that students could understand it.

Warren County Schools NCDOT Partnership

The Warren County Schools CTE Leadership team met with the North Carolina Department of Transportation to discuss a partnership that would provide training and exposure to Careers in then Highway Construction Industry. They discussed several ideas that they are researching and looking to implement.

WCHS Entrepreneuership Project

Students in Ms. Jordan's Entrepreneurship class presented a draft of the business proposal to a panel this week. They are developing a proposal to operate a holiday They used several technology tools to present to the panel.

WCMS 8th Grade Business Class Project

Elvelon Mason, Middle Grades Career Development Coordinator is working with Ms. Ayers and her  8th grade business classes at Warren County Middle to create and operate a hydroponics vegetable production business. The students will learn how to produce the vegetables using equipment at Warren County High School. They will also learn to write a business plan and market their project. A meeting was held this week at WCMS with Ms. Neal, WCMS Principal and the district CTE leadership team to work out the details.

Warren County Schools Explores Work Based Learning Opportunities for Students

The Warren County CTE Leadership Team met with Stacy Woodhouse, Warren County Economic Development Director and was introduced to Helen Bradby, with EDSI. The group talked about possible work based learning opportunities for students and career awareness programs.

Community Group Offers Support to Warren County Schools

Stacy Woodhouse, Economic Development Director for Warren County has organized a group of citizens in the community that wants to support the school district. They met at the Armory this week and then took a tour of Warren County High School. They looked at the different programs and resources that the students have access to and talked about the various programs. 

The SEEMA and Stem lab was discussed

Hydroponics and Aquaculture Lab

Video Production Studio

Heavy Equipment Operation Lab

Robotics Center