State Employees Credit Union Partners with WCMS to Bring "Biz Kid$" to the Classroom

Students at Warren County Middle School will learn about money and business through a fun, fast-paced TV series,"Biz Kid$". Classroom resources that include engaging activities, discussion questions, an informative website and more will be available for students when the 2011-2012 school year begins. The Biz Kid$ episodes focus on financial concepts of saving, budgeting, investing, using credit wisely, donating, and how to run a business. Pam Hawkins, Business and Information Technology Teacher at Warren County Middle School will teach the program and work closely with Ms. Sandra Pollard, Financial Officer at the Warren County Credit Union office to implement this program on the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade levels. Ms. Pollard met with Ms. Hawkins, Mr. Wray Cannaday, Principal at Warren County Middle School and Ernie Conner, Director of Career and Technical Education on Wednesday, August 10th to discuss the program. Ms. Pollard and Ms. Hawkins will meet again on August 19th to develop lesson plans and materials for the students!

Check out the Biz Kid$ Website: