Warren County High Students Earn Ever Fi Certification

Ten students in the Personal Finance class at Warren County High School earned their Ever-Fi Financial Literacy Certification. The class is taught by Ms. Oney Jones at WCHS. Because the curriculum is web based, students can log into their account, stop and start, review materials, revisit past modules and measure their progress at any time. Ever-Fi developed their course around an easy-to-apply pedagogy so that the important lessons students learn stay with them as they face key financial decisions in their lives.

Topics included:

Savings & Budgeting
Understanding a Credit Score and its Implications
Understanding Credit Cards & Managing Debt
How a Bank Works & Federal Reserve overview
Taxes and Insurance
Renting vs. Owning
Managing Loans to Finance Higher Education
Investing Overview: An In Depth Review of Trading and How the Stock Exchange Works
Consumer Fraud and Protection

Congratulations to these students on earning their certification!

Students who received EverFi certification are: Jordon Shrimplin,
Hunter Shearin, Robert Purse, Kryshuna Rudd, Morgan Thompson,Shakia
Carter, Joshua Tant, Ramon Steele, Dymaya Henderson, and Chad