Warren County Schools Hosted Industry Round table Breakfast.

Ernie Conner, Director of Career and Technical Education and Odessa Perry, Career Development Coordinator at Warren County High School are members of a group organized by Ken Bowman, Director of Economic Development for Warren County. The group consists of business and industry leaders, community members, and local government officials. Each month the group meets for an "Industry Round Table Breakfast". This month, Warren County Schools hosted the event and showcased the different school choice options that students in Warren County have and toured the new Career and College Prep Academies at Warren County High School. Check out pictures below from the event.

Derrick Fogg, Foods and Pro Start Teacher and his students prepared the breakfast.

Henry Bobbitt, EMT Instructor attended the breakfast and answered questions about the partnership with the Warren Department of EMS

Ken Bowman spoke with the group about the agenda and talked briefly about a future career fair that the group is planning for September 2015.

Ernie Conner explained the different choices that students have in Warren County and introduced the new Career Academies at Warren County High School

Melvin  Williams, On the Job Coordinator for the North Carolina Department of Transportation explained the partnership details that NCDOT has with Warren County Schools. 

Col. Paige introduces the his Corps of Cadets leadership team.

Pam Jordan explains to the group about her Entrepreneurship class and how she uses technology in the classroom to stress key points.

Michael Perry, Masonry teacher, talks about his program and how his students ate learning skills that can land them a job right after high school.