Advanced Manufacturing Skills Training Alliance Crusiers 2016 Highlights Day 3

The third day of the Cruise included a visit to NC State University. Each district toured three locations on the Centinel Campus. The Warren County groups first visit was the Hunt Library. Everyone was amazed at how a robotics system was used to retrieve books and they were no longer found on the traditional shelves. The access to technology was also a huge change from the traditional library model Small video and audio production rooms were available to the students on a daily basis. Check out pictures from the Hunt Library visit.

The second stop of the day was the Bio Manufacturing Training and Education Center. The instructor talked about a few of the projects that they were working on at the time. Once experiment showed how to separate all elements from grape soda into separate liquids. 

The final stop of the tour was Power America. It was interesting to see the many different research projects that were going on at the time.