Brian Hamilton Speaks to Middle and High Schools in Warren County

The Brian Hamilton Foundation believes that students should be prepared for the entrepreneurial age. Through speaking events and online education, we empower students with the skills to recognize opportunities and launch their own businesses.Middle and high schools are hosting Brian as part of their strategy to prepare students for their future. He advises students to continue their education but also inspires students to expand their options by exploring the principles of starting, running, and growing their own real businesses. He believe all students, regardless of course of study or course curriculum, will benefit from the Future Entrepreneur Tour. The talk helps introduce the values of entrepreneurship to young minds: a strong work ethic, honesty, and commitment. Students will leave the talk with a deeper understanding of entrepreneurship as a career path and as an avenue of financial stability.

Career Development Coordinator, Odessa Perry, introduces Brian Hamilton to the students.

Brian explains how any student can be a successful business owner