Solar Energy Partnership With Argand Press Conference

A press conference was held at Warren County High School to sign the agreement for this project. Below is the official press release.

Warrenton, NC, Jan. 20, 2012 - Argand Energy Solutions of Charlotte will build a 496 kilowatt photovoltaic solar energy system atop Warren County High School (WCHS) this Spring. This system is the largest of its type yet to be installed on a North Carolina School.
The solar system will be capable of producing clean energy equivalent to almost half of the total energy used by the school annually and will provide clean energy sufficient to power from 50 to 60 homes per year. In addition to the main rooftop system, Argand Energy is providing a notable extra for the school, a “solar education” component which will serve as a teaching tool for students to learn about solar energy.
Warren County Schools Superintendent, Dr. Ray Spain commented, “The solar education component will enable students to monitor the amount of energy that is generated through this system by focusing on renewable energy projects.” “We are excited about the partnership with Argand. We feel it will be a great benefit for Warren County and Warren County Schools. We think this is a good example of a school district looking for innovative approaches to additional revenues as well as becoming more involved in renewable energy projects.”
Warren County Manager Linda Worth’s involvement in the solar project became apparent after meeting with representatives from Argand last year after mentioning the need of roof repairs at Warren County High School. Worth expressed her excitement for the solar project and hopes this endeavor will lead to business growth for the county.
“I always say people tend to look at us here in Warren County as not having anything because of our limited resources,” Worth said. “We are on the cutting edge of many types of projects, and this being one of them. I am very proud that our school system has become involved in this type of project because this is what is happening in the world today. We as a county have to stay involved and be on the cutting edge. Hopefully this project will lead to other such exciting ventures in the county. I’m also excited for our young people that they will have this type of technology available as an educational resource.”
Warren County Schools Board Chairman, Dr. Charles Grady commented, “This plan to install solar panels on the Warren County High School roof is a bold and innovative step towards doing our part to help conserve energy. The extremely high costs of power resources today demand that we seek, approve and implement measures to substantially reduce those costs.”
Erik Lensch, President/CEO of Argand Energy said as the solar energy industry grows, he feels there will be an increasing demand for workers for solar companies.
“In an age when budgets for schools across the state have been cut we are really excited about being able to provide Warren County Schools with revenue for their rooftop,” Lensch said. “As part of our partnership with Warren County Schools we will be providing a training program and curriculum to train students that eventually want to enter the solar energy field. This type of private-public partnership is really a win-win for everyone.”

About Argand Energy Solutions
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