Advanced Manufacturing Skills Training Alliance Crusiers 2016 Highlights Day 2 Part 1

On Thursday, June 16th, All four school districts and Vance Granville Community College came together and participated in a panel discussion of local advanced manufacturing leaders in the region. The event was held at Granville Central High School. Members of the panel included, Jeff Tingen, Altec Industries, Steve Tsotsoros, Dill Air Controls, Mark Sorrells, Golden Leaf Foundation, Roger Shakelford, Kerr Tar Career Pathways, Arian Peters, Novozymes and Sara Lloyd, Vance Granville Community College. Eddie Ferguson from Vance Granville Community College was the moderator. The discussion shared information with the group about what type of workforce is needed and what educators can do to help.

Stan Winborne, CTE Director for Granville County Schools welcomes everyone to the meeting.

Granville County Schools Superintendent, Dr. Dorwin Howard

Eddie Ferguson, Vance Granville Community College

Sara Lloyd, Vance Granville Community College

Arian Peters, Novozymes

Roger Shakleford, Kerr Tar Career Pathways

Steve Tsotsoros, Dill Air Controls

Jeff Tingen, Altec Industries

Mark Sorrells, Golden Leaf Foundation 

After a short break, Updates from State and Local Officials was provided. Members of this panel included, Catherine Truitt, Senior Edcuation Advisor, Office of the Governor, Betty Jo Shepheard, Eastern Region Field Representative for Senator Richard Burr, Austen Shearer, Regional Representative for Senator Thom Tillis, Bob Witchger, Director of Career and Technical Education North Carolina Community College System, and Joann Honeycutt, Director of Career and Technical Education, North Carolina Department of Public Instruction 

Catherine Truitt, Office of the Governor

Joann Honeycutt, North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

 Bob Witchger, North Carolina Community College System

Austen Shearer, Representative for Senator Thom Tillis

Betty Jo Shepheard, Representative for Senator Richard Burr

Members of the audience asked very good questions!

 Superintendent, Ray Spain from Warren County attended the event

Dr. Williams, President of Vance Granville Community College attended the session.

Before lunch,  a tour was given of the new Granville Central High School Career and Technical Education wing. The school plans to focus on Advanced Manufacturing.

Principal, Brian Mathius

Lunch was provided before the groups boarded their buses and headed to Novozymes for the afternoon.